Hello Lovers!

summer is winding down and i have to say i’m not mad. used to be a time when i lived for summer and preferred 95-degree weather to 70-degree weather any day of the week. now i’m convinced global warming is making me hate summer. i can’t be the only one who’s noticed how disgustingly hot and humid it’s been the past couple years. and since i’m super sensitive and allergic to everything, it’s been even more of a nightmare for yours truly.

i’m an autumn baby. october’s own. fall is and always has been my favorite time of year. not too hot. not too cold. i know the changing of leaves and crisp air indicate winter is just around the corner, but the city seems to be much calmer and sexier around that time. my motivation to get things done is higher. not to mention, the possibilities for hot fall fashion are endless and more than make up for the chill in the air.

it’s for these reasons (and more) that i decided to go back to the lab, tighten my gameplan and debut my site in the fall instead of this summer. having recently learned that i have some health issues i need to take care of (nothing major, but in the way nonetheless), i was instructed by my doctor to “enjoy the summer” so that’s what i did. but you all know i can never be all work and no play. therefore, i used this summer to network and connect with other crazy people who think like me. i worked on a couple of photo shoots, gained some new clients, and i’ve even started making use of my once forgotten about twitter account (#addictive). most importantly i had a chance to regroup and address some issues that were weighing heavy on my heart. i believe that when you walk through life with a heavy heart you block positive energy from coming into your cipher and in turn block whatever blessings the universe has in store for you. there is no way i can continue on this crazy journey being a “bag lady” (unless it’s the gucci 1973 medium top handle-loves it!) so that had to be dealt with rapidamente. lol.

now that my head is clear and my heart is light, i feel like my batteries are recharged. i’m ready to do what i do: living, learning, loving, writing, styling, laughing, and on and on and on…

fresh new posts coming soon kids!



2 Responses to “Hello Lovers!”

  1. posh plum Says:

    ok…respect it…love it….#hype

  2. Nice feel to the post chick.

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